Best Trails: PNW

Below is a list of the 25 best trails I’ve had the pleasure to hike while living in the Pacific Northwest the last 3 years. I have a long to-do list so I’ll be updating this frequently and I know there are way more hikes out there that I’d love so please share what your favorites are!

Trail Name – City, State, Mileage (round trip unless noted otherwise), Elevation Gain

Ruth Mountain – North Cascades NP, WA 12m 4,200ftdsc08172

Worm Flows Route – Mount Saint Helens, WA 12m 5,700ft2B4F164E-988D-4F0F-ABF5-CB2CA2DD3900

Glacier Peak – Glacier Peak Wilderness, WA 34m 9,000ft

Sahale Arm Trail – North Cascades NP, WA 12m 4,000ft75B7D923-EA7F-4245-894F-73502E4E7CB5

Mount Adams South Climb – Mount Adams, WA 12m 6,700ftIMG_3029

Panorama Ridge – BC, Canada 18.6m (30km) 5,000ftIMG_2592

Easton Route – Mount Baker, WA 14.4m 7,500ftdsc06935

Eldorado Peak – North Cascades NP 14m 6,716ft dsc02638

Mount Hood – Mount Hood Wilderness, OR 7m 5,300ftLRG_DSC09309[1]

Mount Daniel – Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA 16m 5,200ftAEB16220-5A8F-4155-9C45-78C2177A3478.JPEG

Dragontail Peak – Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA 14m 5,600ftLRG_DSC09512.jpg

Del Campo Peak – Mountain Loop Hwy, 11m 4200ftLRG_DSC07746

South Sister – Three Sisters Wilderness, OR 11.6m 4,906ftdsc06763

Mount Pugh – Glacier Peak Wilderness, WA 12m 5,300ft1E07ECD0-CA97-45A8-BC12-9B7E786A0406

Mount Stuart via Cascadian Couloir – Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA 14m 8,115ftDSC02354

The Enchantments – Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA 20m 4,500ftLRG_DSC01077[1]

The Brothers – Olympic NP/NF, WA 18m 6,200ftLRG_DSC00436.JPG

Shi Shi Beach – Olympic NP, WA 8m 200ftIMG_6428

Black Peak – North Cascades NP, WA 12m 5,100ftE5A97888-DF55-4622-9D69-8A76B342EBAC

Mount Thielsen – Umpqua National Forest, OR 8.8m 3,725ft 36973681-e6bc-4026-8c07-c8e11028fca1

Elfin Lakes Trail – BC, Canada 13.6m (22km) 2,000ftIMG_5385

Yellow Aster Butte – Mount Baker NF, WA 7.5m 2,550ftLRG_DSC01575.JPG

Crater Lake – Crater Lake NP, OR 2-33m ?ftLRG_DSC05526[1]

Skyline Trail – Mount Rainier NP, WA 5.5m 1,450ftLRG_DSC04392[1]

Kaleetan Peak – Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA 14m 3,800ftLRG_DSC03106.JPG

Snoqualmie Mountain – Snoqualmie Pass, WA 3.8m 3,100ftLRG_DSC01738

Hibox Mountain – Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA 9m 3,800LRG_DSC08561

Alta Mountain via Rampart Ridge – Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA 12m 4,670ftDSC02862

Silver Star Mountain – Gifford Pinchot National Forest, WA 7m+ 2,040ft+ fa724f01-ca45-4328-a917-169afee1d0e5

Rialto Beach – Olympic NP, WA 4m 0ftIMG_4556.JPG

Trail of Ten Falls – Silver Falls State Park, OR 8.7m 1,300ft15340FB9-691E-43B6-97CC-ACB067540105.JPG

Bonus (Alaska, Hawaii):

Harding Icefield Trail – Kenai Fjords NP, AK 8.2m 3000ftA7C96681-D9AA-41B0-96D6-6142F3619F49

Crow’s Pass to Raven Glacier – Chugach SP, AK 9m 2000ft378278F4-E5DE-4BDC-B759-7466FFC6FDA1

Kesugi Ridge – Denali SP, AK 7m 1300ft301FA622-2096-4AB7-92E5-323E9C1E1D75

Kalalau Trail – Napali Coast, Kauai, HI 22m 5000ftIMG_6808

Waipio Valley – The Big Island, HI 3.5m 1200ftIMG_7966

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