Yellow Aster Butte

Summit: 6,241ft

7.6m 2,550ft gain

The unusual name and prime positioning of this mountain really drew my attention and ever since this trip I’ve wanted to move closer to the 542! Everything west of the Skagit River is absolutely glorious and it only gets better here in the Mount Baker Wilderness.


1st Trip: 07/21/18

With ideal weather this hike was a breeze! Early into the hike Mount Baker aka Koma Kulshan smacks you right in the face. At least that’s what it probably looked like as we stood there stunned in awe.


The same certainly goes for the majestic Mount Shuksan.


To Moose’s liking we encountered a few lingering patches of snow.


Loved the open views along the trail!


Below is the true summit that we claimed after some easy scrambling.


The south peak is where we came back to take a break and watch the clouds roll by.


We spent a lot of time looking south but to the north was an equally grand view of the Border Peaks!


Soon the clouds started to take over so we took off.


It was slow going as we were rubbernecking down the trail.


We were very thankful for the great weather up on YAB and we were already planning a return trip to camp up here and then bag Tomyhoi Peak!


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