Snoqualmie Mountain

Summit: 6,278ft

3.8m 3,105ft gain

This peak offers the best mountain views that can be found right off I-90 and since the Alpental parking lot is open all year this hike is always an option. Keep in mind that you’ll have to gain over 3,000ft in less than 2 miles on an unmaintained trail so come prepared especially in the winter. Here are few shots of the amorphous Snoqualmie Mountain!

From Snoqualmie Pass with Guye Peak in front and the Snoqualmie Snow Dome to the right:


From Guye Peak:


From the slopes of the Summit at Snoqualmie:


From Kendall Peak:


From Tinkham Peak:


From the north atop Sorcery Mountain:


1st Trip: 07/22/18

A solo Sunday hike up the highest peak in the immediate vicinity of Snoqualmie Pass. Yes it is consistently steep but in the summer the trail is pretty easy to follow and I never felt unsafe. I did pass a guy who turned around out of fear so to each his own. As a big fan of the short and steeps this became an instant favorite! Once you get past trail intersection with Guye you’ll be out on an open slope with pristine views.


You know you’re close to the summit when Guye Peak starts to look like an ant hill. At the top you’ll be surrounded by layers of beautiful peaks and ridge lines.


So many peaks to name! Above are Hinman, Overcoat, Chimney Rock, Lemah, Thomson, Chikamin, Stuart, Three Queens, Alta and Hibox. Below are Rainier, Baker, Glacier, Si, The Brothers and McClellan Butte.


Lastly here’s look down at Snow Lake.


2nd Trip: 3/30/19

A fun winter trip with a group of friends on a perfectly sunny Saturday! Ice axes came in handy for this steep snow climb but again the hike felt straight forward outside of a few tough spots for the dogs.


It was too cool to see this same summit views covered in a blanket of snow.


Snow Lake was living up to its namesake.


On the descent we opted for a few steep glissades! This fact makes going in the winter more desirable to me. Maybe next time I’ll ski! Some of us were better than others at self arresting…


During the ski season you can walk over to Alpental after the hike for a liquid reward! Doesn’t get much better than this!








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