Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain

Summit: 5,066ft

Native land of the: Cascades, Molalla and Grand Ronde

8m 1,640ft gain

Every Tom, Dick and Harry has hiked up this mountain hence its name. The easy access, maintained trail and exceptional views from the top are what make it so popular but it actually got its name from its three distinct Peaks. One of those peaks lies in the Mount Hood Skibowl area. That connection makes TDH a great spot for backcountry skiing! Winter is probably the best time to visit.

1st Trip: 6/3/2020

Moose and I set off on the popular trail one Wednesday afternoon with only a handful of cars in the parking lot! The hike starts on a paved path until reaching a footbridge over Camp Creek. From there it’s a well graded trail that takes you past multiple switchbacks and over many bridges until arriving at Mirror Lake. There is a nice spur trail that goes around the lake but part of the boardwalk was damaged so we got a little wet. Moose did not mind.

Past the lake we entered the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness within Mount Hood National Forest.

The next 2.5 miles take you to the westernmost point on the summit ridge which is as far as most people go. Can’t blame them as this spot offers the best view.

Mount Adams (Pahto)
Mount Saint Helens (Loowit)
Olallie Butte and Mount Jefferson (Seekseekqua)

We chose to continue along the ridge to the true summit. That involved a lot of ups and downs, boulder hoping and a few breaks for snow or a photo op.

Mount Hood (Wy’east)
This is a fun hike!

From the true summit we retraced our steps back to the trailhead. The half mile ridgeline walk was certainly the highlight of the trip!

We stopped at the westernmost point on the summit ridge to enjoy the clear views of the Cascade volcanoes once more before descending into the forest.

Moose spent as much time as possible rolling in the snow.

Our descent was quick and Moose had a chance to cool off in Mirror Lake one more time before we left.

Now we understand the popularity, every Tom, Dick and Harry needs to take this hike! On our way home we stopped at the Jonsrud Viewpoint for yet another great vantage point of Mount Hood rising high over the Sandy River.

2 thoughts on “Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain

  1. How did this mountain range get this name?

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    1. It got it’s name because of it’s three distinct peaks along the summit and it’s a play on the classic phrase.

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