Mount Washington (Olympics)

Summit: 6,255ft

4m 3200ft gain

The other Mount Washington in Washington is located in the Hamma Hamma-Cushman group the Olympic Mountains. It neighbors Mount Ellinor and lies within Olympic National Forest and the Mount Skokomish Wilderness. The standard route is short and steep and requires class 3 scrambling.

From Seattle (second peak from the Space Needle):

From Mount Ellinor:

From The Brothers:

1st Trip: 8/11/2019

Back in the Olympics two weeks after hiking The Brothers with Ellie. This trip would be with Ben on a much shorter hike but still a tough one. It was a very foggy morning which is just how I left the Olympics.

We hiked through a forest, up a steep scree slope and passed a nice open meadow where we stopped to put on our helmets.

We needed the helmets to protect against rock fall as we scrambled up the large rock gully. Luckily we never saw anyone else who could knock rocks down on us. We continued up and around the left side of the gully until reaching the southern ridgeline.

Finally we made it out of the fog, at least on one side of the ridge.

The last section of trail requires extra caution as you traverse along the ridge top until reaching the rocky summit block.

The view towards Mount Ellinor was really cool with fog hugging one side of the mountain! If I can find a clear weather window I’d love to do the traverse between Washington and Ellinor.

It was fun to watch the fog slide around the mountains but eventually we had to descend back into it.

Going down took about as long as going up. With little visibility we focused on the little things.

This a really fun short scramble even if you’re stuck in the clouds. I love Olympic rock and frogs do too!

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