Thorp Mountain

Summit: 5,854ft

8m 2,400ft gain

Thorp Mountain is a nice peak at the intersection of Kachess Ridge and No Name Ridge. With no higher peaks in the immediate vicinity it was a great place for the US Forest Service to put a fire lookout back in 1931. From the summit there are excellent views into the Alpine Lake Wilderness, the Teanaway region and the Snoqualmie Pass corridor. There are a number of different routes, all easy to moderate in difficulty.

1st Trip: 8/12/2019

Moose and I went on a lovely afternoon hike in a new spot with great views of familiar mountains. We drove 1hr and 30min to start our hike from the Thorp Creek trailhead. We saw a ton of butterflies and bees pollinating the wildflowers.

Then we ran into dozens of chipmunks who seemed to rule Kachess Ridge.

After a nice 4 mile hike we were relaxing by the fire lookout.

Loved the view of the Alpine Lakes peaks and the Teanaway peaks.

Huckleberry, Chikamin, Three Queens, Lemah, Chimney Rock and Summit Chief
Summit Chief and Little Big Chief
Bears Breast
Stuart Range

To the South is Kachess Lake with Rainier behind wrapped in clouds. You can also look down on Thorp Lake.

We retraced our steps back to the trailhead and once again enjoyed watching the butterflies and bees go about their business.

Great little hike, perfect for a dog!

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