Mount Storm King

Summit: 2,600ft True Summit: 4,500ft

4m 2,065ft gain

On the east end of Lake Crescent stands a mountain with a name you can’t forget! Most people including ourselves stop at the rocky outcropping 2 miles up the climbers path. The true summit lies over 4,500ft but it’s still a workout getting to the outcrop and it’s hard to beat that view.


1st Trip: 3/24/18

My buddy Rob from Vancouver and Ryan from Seattle joined me on an Olympic day trip. The hike is short, steep and sweet! You’ll have a few glimpses of the impressive view ahead as you gain 2,000ft in 2 miles.


At one point there is a rope to aid the climb. Shortly past that you’ll be staring down Lake Crescent and the ever lasting Olympic ridge lines! You can also see Vancouver Island across the Strait of Juan de Fuca.


Clouds were holding on to the mountains at first but shortly after the crazy wind and storm dispersed providing a pristine view for the Storm Kings!


I think one of us was a Storm Joker.


Keeping us company while we ate lunch were some Whiskey Jacks. They even posed in our hands without offering them any food.


Such a fun little climb with a million dollar view!


A short distance from the trailhead is Marymere Falls which is a nice addition.


2nd Trip: 3/2/19

Ellie and I were headed out on our 3rd annual winter beach camping trip on the Olympic Coast and decided to stop on the way. The weather was perfect and there was a good amount of snow from start to finish.


The snow actually made some tough spots along the trail easier to manage. Didn’t need the rope just microspikes and poles.


The combination of snow and this vibrant view made everything really pop! We were all smiles especially knowing this great weekend was only getting started!


After the hike we drove to La Push and set up camp on Second Beach.


I’d give the sunset two thumbs up!


The next day we hiked into the Hoh Rainforest and down along the Hoh River. Only in the Olympics can you hike up a snowy peak, camp on the beach and explore a rainforest in one weekend!





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  1. Epic weekend! Some of my favorite mem’s 🙂

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