Oyster Dome

Summit: 2,089ft

5m 1,050ft gain

A little rocky ledge with a grand view of islands and mountains! Located in the Chuckanuts on the northern Washington coast of the Salish Sea, just south of Bellingham.

1st Trip: 3/10/18

Moose’s first summit! He was almost 4 months old and we thought it was time to show him our favorite hobby. He had been pushing us to walk further and further every day so we knew he was ready and we knew this wouldn’t be too tough on him. He still hated car rides at this point but when he learned most of them end up at a trailhead he began not to mind!


The trail is well maintained and takes you up through a forest until you emerge on the Oyster Dome! Microspikes came in handy for a few ice patches near the top.


We arrived with 30 minutes to spare before sunset.


Moose earned the first of many summit snacks and he was loving it! He is 2 years old at the time of writing this and he’s bagged over 60 peaks! Cool to look back where it all started.


It was a gorgeous sunset over the Olympic Mountains with Vancouver Island, the San Juan Islands, Lummi Island, Samish Bay and the Skagit River Flats all in view!


This was the start to something great!



1 thought on “Oyster Dome

  1. Spectacular sunset pics!


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