Mount Dickerman

Summit: 5,760ft

8.2m 3950ft gain

This was my introduction to the epic Mountain Loop Highway. It’s less than 2 hours from Seattle but you’ll feel like your in the heart of the North Cascades. All the peaks here are unique, wild and tough. Dickerman (Bump in the center of the picture below) is a perfect intro to the area as it is probably the easiest to access and hike but don’t forget you still have 4,000ft to gain in 4 miles.


1st Trip: 08/30/17

Ellie and I decided on another after-work sunset hike somewhere a little more remote. This choice was especially nice since we only saw one person who was heading down in the beginning of our hike. We had the mountain all to our self!


There’s only one trail so it’s easy to follow. At the top you’ll be surrounded by a ring of beautiful peaks like Sloan, Pugh, Del Campo, White Chuck and Three Fingers! Looming high above are Glacier Peak, Mount Baker and Mount Shuksan!


Dome and Sinister Peaks!


My past self surprised that I’ve climbed Glacier Peak!


Gorgeous night with my love!


And some Ptarmigan!



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