Mount Pilchuck

Summit: 5,344ft

5.4m 2300ft gain

It’d be tough to find a better panoramic view within 60 miles of Seattle. The road is a bit rough to get there but compared to the rest of the area access is pretty easy and the payoff far exceeds the effort.


1st Trip: 7/26/17

Ellie and I’s 1st midweek sunset hike together! It was short, steep and sweet! The fire lookout at the top provides a nice place to rest and view some of the biggest and best mountains in Washington. There is a cool peak finder map in the lookout that had me adding countless mountains like Mount Pugh and Sloan Peak to my to-do list.


This was my 1st big view of Glacier Peak and at the time of writing this it’s probably my toughest and most satisfying summit yet.


Three Fingers:


Mount Baker and Mount Shuksan had the best sunset light.


And of course Rainier.


In almost all directions are the Cascades but to the West you can see Seattle, the islands of the Puget Sound and the Olympics!


Great hike any season or hour.



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