Granite Mountain

Summit: 5629ft

8.6m 3800ft gain

This is one of the most popular mountains along I-90 because of it’s easy access and panoramic summit views. You’ll gain about 1,000ft per mile which in my world is pretty standard but a well maintained trail makes it a piece of cake!


1st Trip: 8/23/17

A quick solo after-work hike. What I remember most about this day was seeing the start of the Jolly Mountain wildfire. The rest of the season saw a lot of smoke.


Soaked in the views knowing the next month might not having any.


Big views of Rainier and the neighbor Tusk O’Granite but the best sight from here is towards Kaleetan and Chair Peaks with Crystal and Denny Lakes below.


2nd Trip: 10/5/2017

Another midweek hike after the wildfires calmed down. Went with my buddy Cole and his sweet dog Molly! Enjoyed the fall colors and sunset.


3rd Trip: 10/10/19

Yet another midweek hike thanks to the easy access. Around the same time as 2 years ago but with a lot more snow. Joined by my dog Moose and the Kramer brothers. Moose is a big fan of the snow if you can’t tell.


By far the clearest views from up here. I had no idea Glacier Peak was perfectly situated between Chair Peak and Bryant Peak in my favorite lineup of peaks.


Kaleetan Peak looking glorious per usual.


Mount Stuart and Hibox Mountain.


Chikamin Peak and the top of Guye Peak.


Chimney Rock, Mount Thomson, Red Mountain  and Lemah Mountain.


Great easy hike!




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