Mount Teneriffe

Summit: 5,485ft

Kamikaze Trail 8m 3800ft gain

Next door to ever popular Mount Si, Teneriffe gets much less attention but the views are even better! It’s a nice trail up to Kamikaze Falls but past that you’ll gain 2,200ft in less than a mile. There’s a new trail that breaks up the elevation gain but why add 5 miles if you don’t have to? And you can’t skip the falls.


First Trip: 5/3/18

Solo mission that started my addiction for the short and steeps!


Just me and all my ferns!


Encountered snow at the top but didn’t need the ice ax. Looked cool though.


Perfectly clear views of Rainier, Baker, Three Fingers, White Chuck, Shuksan and part of Glacier!


Looking back at Mount Si and Blowdown Mountain.


Past that you could spot the Olympics including our favorite, The Brothers!


Loved flying down the steep trail and enjoyed a visit with a wallowing Grouse.


2nd Trip: 3/24/19

Quick hike with my buddy Pierre and his dog Gizmo! Spent the entire trip in a cloud but still a fun steep trail. Gizmo is such a good hiker!



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