Neahkahnie Mountain

Summit: 1,680ft

Native land of the: Nehalem and Grand Ronde

4.5m 1,290ft gain

Neahkahnie Mountain is located in Oswald West State Park just north of Manzanita, Oregon. It is a part of the northern Oregon Coast Range and is one of the highest points along the west coast. From the summit there is a wide sweeping view of the Pacific Ocean, the Tillamook Coast and highway 101. Neahkahnie translates to “place of supreme deity” because they believed the view was fit for the gods! There’s also a legend that Spanish gold is buried somewhere on the mountain. The story was put to film in the movie ‘The Tillamook Treasure’.

1st Trip: 7/5/2020

There are two different trailheads and we chose the more difficult north side. The whole trail is just a small section of the 382 mile Oregon Coast trail. We made it up to the forested summit and then the viewpoint in a short amount of time despite the very muddy trail. The viewpoint has the only open rocky area so that’s where we took our break and enjoyed the view over Nehalem Bay.

There were plenty of wildflowers for my wildflower to enjoy!

To clean off the mud we followed up our hike with a walk along Cannon Beach. We walked away from Haystack Rock and found some solitude.

So nice that we can drive an hour and a half to the Pacific Ocean and climb up a mountain while we’re there! Loving our new home area!

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  1. That shoreline is so beautiful

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