Pratt Mountain

Summit: 5,099ft

9m 2,500ft

Another Alpine Lakes “Home Court” Peak hidden behind Mount Defiance, Bandera Mountain and Granite Mountain. There are multiple routes but all require at least half a mile off trail to the summit. Best to go when there’s snow.

1st Trip: 5/6/19

Continuing the tradition of mountain Monday’s with Moose!


We chose to take the Talapus Lake Trail. Shortly after Talapus Lake we sent it up the snowy hillside instead of staying on trail around Olallie Lake. We continued up the ridge line towards the summit breaking trail the last half mile. The snow made it less of a bushwhack which was nice and Moose loved it!


We had the mountain to ourselves and the weather was pristine! Moose and I enjoyed some snacks at the summit and took a lot of photos.


Every mountain was out!


Roosevelt, Kaleetan and Chair:


In front: Bryant, Hemlock and the Tooth In Back: Chimney Rock, Snoqualmie and Chikamin


Hibox, Alta and a little bit of Stuart:


Silver and Abiel:


McClellan Butte:


Pratt Lake:


Perfect early summer hike!


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