Silver & Tinkham Peaks

Silver: 5,605ft Tinkham: 5,398ft East Tinkham: 5,395ft

8m 3,000ft

A great collection of peaks tucked away behind the Summit Ski Resort. The best starting point is from the PCT trailhead just past Mount Catherine. The first mile and a half follows the PCT south until a spur trail takes you up to the saddle between Tinkham and Silver peaks. From here you can choose which peaks to climb!

From Web Mountain (Silver is in center and the Tinkham’s are on the right):


Silver from Humpback Mountain:


1st Trip: 9/28/18

Really getting into the peak bagging groove and looking for more multi-summit hikes. These peaks are considered scrambles but are very easy and straight forward. From the saddle I chose to start with Tinkham Peak. There’s a boot path up the northwest ridge that eventually ascends steep rock on south side of the summit block.


Clear skies afforded great views of the Snoqualmie Pass area! Here’s looking back at Silver Peak:


Snoqualmie, Guye, Big Snow, Red, Thomson and Burntboot:


Huckleberry, Overcoat, Chimney Rock, Lemah and Chikamin:


McClellan Butte:


From Tinkham Peak it’s a short ridge walk to East Tinkham Peak were the views are even better than the main peak. Looking back towards Tinkham and Silver:


Pretty couple lakes looking east:


Kaleetan and Chair:


Another view into the Commonwealth Basin:


Hibox and Three Queens:


After a short break I retraced my steps back to the saddle then took a bootpatch north up the long ridgeline to the summit of Silver Peak. Here’s the view looking back towards Tinkham:


Silver Peak is pretty barren so you’ll have great views along the mile ridge walk. Rainier was out and shinning!


I took a long break here to appreciate all the familiar peaks around. It never get old!


Wonderful fall hike!


Had to make a few stops on the drive home to photograph these beauties. Including Rosie!






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