Dog Mountain

Summit: 2,948ft

7.6m 2,800ft gain

A great little mountain on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge. In the springtime you need a permit to go on a Saturday or Sunday because the wildflowers are that good. The views of the Columbia River are also stunning and if clear you’ll see the tops of the Guardian Peaks!

1st Trip: 10/3/18

Moose and I joined Ellie on a work trip to Hood River, Oregon! We’ve spent a lot of time in the area and absolutely love it. A trip here is never complete without stopping at Brigham Fish Market for the best fish and chips and chowder. It’s located in Cascade Locks next to the Bridge of the Gods.


We stayed in Cascade Locks that night and enjoyed the views across the river towards Table Mountain and Greenleaf Peak.


After doing some work in Hood River the next morning we took the Hood River Bridge across to Washington to start our hike.


Along the trail we spotted a wild dog.


It’s an easy trail but it’s consistently steep. A mile and half in is the wonderfully named Puppy Lookout!


Another mile and a half or so later you’ll be at the summit. The true summit is covered in trees but just below it there’s a wide open view of the gorge and little Wind Mountain.


We could also see the Guardian Peaks which we’ve climbed! Mount Hood(Wy’East), Mount Adams(Pahto) and Mount Saint Helens(Loowit)!


This was a great birthday hike with my favorites! We have a lot of great memories from the Columbia River Gorge but the best is yet to come! We’ll be back in Underwood for our Wedding!!

2 thoughts on “Dog Mountain

  1. The first 3 pictures are effing awesome. The rest are great too, but the first 3 awesome AF.

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    1. Every picture is better with those two!!


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