Bandera Mountain

Summit: 5,241ft

8m 3400ft gain

This hike starts from the Ira Spring trailhead and ascends gradually until the last half mile where it gets very steep and rocky. In the summer you’ll pass an abundance of wildflowers and in the fall everything is red and orange!

From Silver Peak (Bandera bottom front, Web and Defiance above):


1st Trip: 7/13/18

This hike would mark my 6th peak in the I-90 Shuffle 10 Peak Challenge and Moose’s toughest hike to date. Joining us was the Shirley’s!


It is a really nice trail until you start heading straight up.


It was the first time I’d seen Moose slow down on a hike. I imagine it was because he was wearing a fur coat on a hot sunny day.


We took it slow, drank lots of water and enjoyed the clear views.


After the steep vertical stretch it’s time to hop across rocks and boulders to the false summit which has the best view. Follow the rocky ridge past it to reach the forested true summit.


I love the views of McClellan Butte across the valley.


Great hike with great people!



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