Heybrook Lookout

Summit: 1,700ft

Native land of the: Tulalip, Skykomish and Coast Salish

3.3m 850ft gain

The Heybrook Lookout sits atop a small mountain on the north side of Hwy 2 near the town of Index. It’s a short hike that leads to an incredible view of the Wild Sky Wilderness! There has been a lookout tower on Heybrook Ridge since 1925 and the current one stands 67ft tall.

1st Trip: 02/18/2020

Another weekday sunset hike with Moose! If you haven’t taken a drive down Hwy 2 in Washington you should. It’s quite the sight when you round a corner and come face to face with Mount Index. Once on the trail we made it up to the lookout with time to waste before sunset. The view of Baring Mountain was definitely my favorite. Moose was looking back at me in question when I told him I’ve climbed that mountain!

Baring Mountain
Merchant Peak
Mount Index, Mount Persis and Persindex(the small peak between them)
Mount Index
Mount Persis
Crosby Mountain

Moose is not a big fan of lookouts so after we had our dinners we went for walk along the snowy ridgeline.

We caught a view of Gunn Peak and a sub peak on Merchant. I’m eager to hike up Gunn for the view of Baring Mountain’s 3,000ft north face.

Moose would have preferred to stay in the snow but we went back up the lookout to catch the sunset. The alpenglow only touched the highest peaks in the Wild Sky Wilderness and it was gorgeous!

Baring Mountain’s south peak finally came out of a cloud.
Malachite Peak

Once the sun set behind Persindex we made the quick hike down in the dark. I love hiking in the dark and have never been afraid of it. How could I be since my dog can shoot lasers out of his eyes!

This is a great short hike for sunrises and sunsets!

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