Kendall Peak

Summit: 5,784ft

11m 3,000ft gain

The first peak you’ll pass under if following the Pacific Crest Trail north from Snoqualmie Pass. To get here you’ll take the PCT to 5,300ft then hike up a short and steep boot path to the summit. Add a side trip to the Kendall Katwalk for some extra excitement.  For even more excitement bring a dog!

From Guye Peak (Can you spot the PCT?):


1st Trip: 7/9/19

There are two options to start this trip. You can take the PCT the entire way or you can save time by taking the unmaintained Commonwealth Basin trail. Moose and I of course chose the latter on this fine midweek afternoon.


After a little over a mile you’ll connect with the PCT. Soon Red Mountain comes into view.


After another 3 miles you’ll turn off on a boot path and ascend 200ft before a short traverse to the rocky summit.


We brought lots of snacks which led to my new favorite picture:


Moose did great on the steep rocky slope and only needed my help in a few places. We were alone at the summit so Moose got to relax while I snapped away.


The sky was a bit moody but all the nearby peaks were out. Snoqualmie Mountain and the Snoqualmie Snow Dome:




Big Snow Mountain:


Mount Thomson:


The Tooth, Bryant, Hemlock and Chair Peak:


The Gold Creek Valley:


Overcoat, Chimney Rock, Lemah, Huckleberry and Chikamin:


Stuart, Three Queens, Alta and Hibox:


The Monte Cristo group and Sloan Peak:


Glacier Peak was hiding.


As was Rainier.


And back to Moose.


After connecting back with the PCT we continued north to the Kendall Katwalk. It’s a 150 yard long pathway blasted out of the steeply sloped granite rock face. They say it’s narrow but it felt wider and safer than Kendall Peak’s summit. The sheer drop off is slightly nerve racking.


Moose was unfazed and ready to continue on to Canada but the clouds suggested we start to make our way back to the trailhead. Not before stopping to admire Red Mounatin one last time.


The rain only caught us during our last mile and it felt great after pushing it down the trail. Solid day hike with my guy!




2 thoughts on “Kendall Peak

  1. That’s a good lookin pup!


  2. Now THAT is a happy dog. Awesome photos!


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