Scout Patrol Peak & Little Saint Helens

SPP: 4,693ft LSH: 4,582ft

10m 2,100ft gain

Two fun mountains on the south side of I-90 that receive little attention. A trip to either peak starts at the Hansen Creek trailhead after 5 miles on a nice gravel road. To reach each summit you’ll hike along old logging roads, some of which were turned into single track. Little Saint Helens is also a great winter hike.



1st Trip: 9/2/18

Solo Sunday hike while summer was still kicking. Was going to start with Little Saint Helens but the trail was overgrown and wet. So I started off on the logging road toward Scout Patrol Peak. The road ends at the talus field just below the summit.


The obscure summit has some trees on top but if you hike around you can find a clear view in about every direction. Great opportunity to scout peaks!


From there I took a logging road to the Hansen Ridge trail which gradually wraps around the north side of Little Saint Helens and up onto the long ridge top.


There were lots of pretty fireweed and big views of Rainier and the stone kingdom!


On the return to the trailhead I shaved a mile or two boulder hoping down this talus field. I loved the views and the new trail system even though it’s a bit rough in places.


2nd Trip: 12/6/18

Came back for a winter sunset hike with Ellie and Moose!


The snow made the trail easier to walk on and it made someone go nuts per usual.


Definitely better with snow and our new 4×4 Dodge Ram, Big Marge!



2 thoughts on “Scout Patrol Peak & Little Saint Helens

  1. The moose action shots are wonderful. Big Marge is a beauty, RAM tough mother effer.

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