Evergreen Mountain

Summit: 5,587ft

2.6m 1,377ft gain

One of the 93 fire lookouts in Washington located in the Wild Sky Wilderness. What a cool name right!? More tough than the hike is getting to the trailhead. You’ll drive almost 20 miles on gravel roads that clearly don’t see too many visitors. We actually spent more time driving than hiking but it was worth the views of the wild sky!


1st Trip: 10/16/18

This would mark Moose and I’s first trip in the Wild Sky Wilderness and my 99th unique summit. We took my old Ram so it was a very bumpy ride. Poor Moose was a champ and waited until the trailhead to puke a little. For payback Moose ran the whole way up knowing I’ll try to keep up.


I was huffing and puffing but couldn’t be mad. We had the mountain to ourselves and the weather was pristine!


We spent about an hour hanging out at the summit avoiding the long drive home.


This was my first time getting a full view of Daniel after hiking it 3 days prior!


There were also great views of Glacier Peak, Sloan Peak and countless other peaks.


Columbia, Kyes & Sloan:


Del Campo:


Chimney Rock, Overcoat and Lemah:




Moose is always making sure I get his good side.


Eventually we had to head down. Moose made sure to get out all his zoomies.


The views and solitude were wonderful but not sure I’ll be back because of the long bumpy drive.



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