Mount Si

High Point: 4,184ft

New Trail: 8m 3,150ft Old Trail: 7.4m 3450ft

If you’re driving east on i-90 from Seattle the first mountain that really catches your eye is Mount Si. Because of this it’s one of the most popular mountains in Washington. It’s a good test of your endurance as you gain 3,000ft in 4 miles on a well maintained trail. Most people stop at 3,900ft as the haystack summit requires some scrambling with one don’t-F-up move.


From Snoqaulmie Mountain:


From Kaleetan Peak with Seattle right behind:


1st Trip: 03/25/17

Great hike with easy access all year round even while it’s dumping snow.


After hoping over a set of boulders at 3,900ft you have some flat ground to rest up. I learned here that Whiskey Jacks/Grey Jays love to hang out at almost all summits in the PNW.


For the true summit you’ll keep following the trail until your reach the backside of the haystack. From here it’s a scramble that I wouldn’t take in wet conditions. Below is the view of the backside of the haystack from Mount Teneriffe.


We turned back but we were happy to fulfill a Washington right of passage!


2nd Trip: 09/13/17

Back for a quick solo trip to tag the true summit and to test out the old trail. An ‘old trail’ usually means it’s short and steep, my favorite!


3rd Trip: 03/18/18

Our 1st time with Moose!



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